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We all know that all that glitters is not necessarily gold, but with sales pitches that use the term “gold leaf” indiscriminately it can be difficult to make informed choices when choosing gilded picture frames. The Workshop uses a variety of precious metals including white gold, silver leaf and of course 23k double weight Italian yellow gold, which is the standard gold for our genuine gold leaf hand gilded frames. The Workshop also offers more economical gilding options such as oil gilded imitation gold, silver and aluminum leaf. There is always a way to provide clients with a gilded option to fit their budget.

Painted Finishes

As the title suggests this is the finishing of a surface by painting it either an appropriate solid colour or to utilize the illusionistic qualities of paint to mimic the surfaces of other materials ie. marble or tortoise shell faux finishes.

Stained Finishes

The application of a stain to raw wood emphasizes the natural beauty and grain pattern apparent on the woods’ surface. Stained finishes work beautifully with hardwoods such as Black Walnut or Oak, these woods have intrinsic beauty in their natural fiery grain patterns and a stain will help to enhance and accentuate the contrasts within those patterns.

The marvelous thing about The Workshop custom framing process is that every frame is made to best suit the artwork it surrounds. Frames can be composed with various elements combined together for example; It is very common to pair a gilded face with a painted or stained side. Often these decisions are employed to make strategic visual connections to the characteristics of the art work. Utilizing these techniques, the framers" objective is to make the artwork the focus and to design a frame harmonious with the vision of the artist.

Consultations are always an option and recommended to clients in order to work together towards an ideal solution on any project.

As Edgar Degas said "The frame is the reward of the artist".

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